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Free Computer and Server Recycling in Bay Area for Computers, Laptops, Networking Equipment, Test Equipment, Servers & more.


Green Ewaste is a leader in the Electronics Lifecycle Management Industry. We find homes for gently used servers, PC’s, workstations and networking equipment that creates sustainability in the market and eliminates waste from our environment.

Computer Circuit Board is dismantled and parts are re-used

We reuse, refurbish, repair computer & server equipment from the whole system to component level before we dismantle them and salvage the metal and plastic parts.

Equipment that is no longer in working order will be stripped of any useful parts, and properly recycled with our R2/E-STEWARDS downstream recyclers in an environmentally-friendly manner.

What are the advantages of hardware and computer recycling?

When computers are disassembled and old parts are removed, there are numerous new parts that can be made using the rare metals retrieved. In other words, this same material can be used in manufacturing new computers that do not waste precious metals. For example, metals that are recovered from the circuit board of your computer may be used to make new circuit boards.

Computer and Server Recycling 

Computers and related accessories contain reusable materials. These materials can help minimize the construction costs for the new systems. As you recycle, there is no need to drain more resources for manufacturing new items which reduces the energy required for manufacturing.

Recycling computers, servers and network equipment is an environmentally-friendly process because it prevents hazardous carcinogens from being released. Most of those older electronics were made using harmful materials such as mercury and lead. If these materials are not handled correctly, they can be harmful to human, animal and plant life.

The hardware recycling process is more energy efficient than the extracting of the raw materials. This reduces costs and leads to less pollution and less reliance on minerals that are in short supply.

Computer Disposal – Server Recycling Service

Looking for simple and safe computer server disposal? We’ve got you covered!

Eliminate legal risks, environmental concerns, and unnecessary costs with ERS server disposal.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies to securely recycling computer servers, ERS offers the following computer recycling services:

We protect you from liability by taking title to equipment.

Remote and onsite hard drive destruction service using Department of Defense approved methods and NSA-approved technology.

Servers recycled according to state and federal environmental laws. E-waste is never shipped overseas.

Receive a certified report detailing, by serial number, the computer disposal services performed.

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